Jim & Sandy Schaben
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Jim & Sandy Schaben

When Jim and Sandy Schaben first heard about Reliv, Jim was suffering from intense chronic neck pain as a result of an operation he'd undergone six years previously. "Jim had no real life because he hurt so badly," said Sandy.

Through the consistent use of the Reliv products, both Jim and Sandy began to see their health improve. "Within a few months, Jim was on the floor playing with our grandbabies for the first time in their lives!" said Sandy.

"That's when I knew I just couldn't keep quiet any longer," said Sandy. "Sharing Reliv had become a moral obligation for me." As a result, the Schaben's business began to grow quickly - which in turn piqued Jim's interest.

"I told Sandy, before you go much further, I want to meet who's at the top and see what Reliv stands for," said Jim. They went to a Reliv regional event, saw the company up close and met the leadership. "At that point, I was in," Jim said. "I told Sandy, I want to help 1,000 people feel like I do with Reliv!"

"I learned a long time ago that if you help enough people get what they want, you can have everything you could ever want as well," said Jim. "The more people you help improve their health and advance in this business, the more successful you become. In fact you don't make a dime, until you make a difference."

Jim and Sandy had earned more than $130,000 their first year. The next year, their income averaged $20,000 per month and within five years their income had exceeded $400,000 per year.

The Schabens' introduction to Reliv proved to be the answers they were praying for. "Reliv was at the right place at the right time in our lives," said Sandy. "We sold our previous business because of Jim's health but had committed to stay on as managers of that business. That meant many 18-hour days."

As they made the move from working long hours for someone else to working for themselves, they used the proven Reliv Business